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Draft Goals

UC Merced’s first-ever 10-year strategic plan is informed by past and current planning processes:  

The draft goals, and associated objectives that follow, draw from these resources to focus our work for the next decade on the core of our mission as a research university and our desire to progress on the path to R1 status. Most directly, they reflect the Indices of Success and associated criteria established by the Academic Planning Work Group to guide the academic planning process — connections illustrated by the parenthetical language below.  

The following three draft goals are currently being revised in response to stakeholder input received through engagement sessions held in from November 2020 – January 2021. A summary of feedback received is available on the What We Heard page.   

Draft Goal 1: Transform the Valley and the World Through Knowledge (UC-Quality Scholarship) 

As we accelerate our progress toward achieving R1 status, we will continue to create new knowledge and expand our understanding of the world through rigorous disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and scholarship. Through research programs and centers that tackle our society’s greatest challenges, we will build on our successes and establish the Central Valley as a hub for integrative, transformative and translational research and increase the recognition of our faculty at the regional, national and international level. 

  • 1.1. Grow UC-quality scholarly and creative activity 
  • 1.2. Increase research and development expenditures 
  • 1.3. Increase the number of research staff

Draft Goal 2: Develop the Next Generation of Scholars and Leaders (UC-Quality Academic Programs) 

We will develop world-class academic programs delivered by outstanding instructors, and we will promote initiatives that, through excellent teaching and rigorous scholarship, educate a diverse generation of scholars and leaders to address important problems facing our society. We will provide all our students with rich, inclusive, experiential, research-based learning and the personal and academic support they need to succeed. 

  • 2.1 Grow UC-quality educational opportunities 
  • 2.2 Increase doctoral degree conferrals 
  • 2.3 Broaden and deepen student success 

Draft Goal 3: Cultivate a Diverse Culture of Dignity and Respect for All (Diversity) 

We will build on our strengths as an inclusive and supportive university by creating a culture of understanding and curiosity, by recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty and staff, by changing who has access to the tools of research and scholarship, and by fostering a campus environment that supports learning, development and engagement with dignity and respect for all members of the community. We aspire for our staff and faculty to broadly represent the diversity of the academic community we serve, and we commit to critically examining our policies and practices to promote equity and inclusion at all levels of the university. 

  • 3.1 Diversify our faculty, staff and students 
  • 3.2 Increase the breadth of research and teaching programs