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1.2 Grow UC-quality research and creative activities by strengthening the infrastructure for, and levels of, extramural funding.

Measure 1.2.1: Total research and development expenditures*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
$45 million $70 million $85 million $100 million


Measure 1.2.2: Percentage of doctoral students supported by Graduate Student Research (GSR) appointments and external fellowships,3 disaggregated*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
23% 27% 30% 33%


Measure 1.2.3: Expenditures on Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) and training grants (i.e. NRT)*

Targets: Increase expenditures; develop capacity to measure.

Example Strategic Initiatives:

  • Expand programs (e.g. mentoring, workshops, and pre-submission review) and pre-award services (e.g. grant writing, editing, institutional data gathering, graphics assistance, etc.) to support success in extramural funding, including for fellowships and REU and training grants
  • Develop administrative capacity to support large-scale grants
  • Streamline grants and contracts workflow to industry standards and prioritize the integration of technologies to ensure post-award financial management, including up-to-date expenditure accounting and timely, correct invoicing
  • Expand the number and use of research centers and organized research units (ORUs) to support interdisciplinary scholarship and creative activity
  • Develop donor base in support of research priorities identified through academic planning
  • Establish budget mechanisms that increase revenue streams to departments in support of research and graduate programs
  • Strengthen school-based administrative support for the teaching, research, and service mission