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AY 2022-2023


During fall 2022, the planning teams continued efforts initiated last spring to identify the institutional-level work and campus investments needed to achieve strategic plan objectives.  A key next step was for planning teams to broaden their discusions by consulting with campus entities.

Toward this end, over the fall and spring semesters, planning teams are meeting with campus stakeholders to firm up their recommendations. This includes Academic Senate committees, the Senior Administrators Council, other planning teams, divisional representatives, and others.

To learn more about their work and to offer your input, please see the section below.

AY 2022-23 planning team memberships can be found here.

Planning Teams

To facilitate consultations with campus stakeholders, each planning team has created a presentation summarizing the team's work thus far. This includes

  • The strategic plan objective and measures the team's work supports
  • It's vision for what successful achievement of the objective(s) looks like
  • The team's recommendations and associated sequencing logic
  • How equity, diversity, and inclusive excellence is integrated into their work

You are encouraged to provide your thoughts on the planning teams' work.

To do so, please review the presentations below, and respond to this very brief survey.

Please download the presentation to access voice overs.