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Supporting Initiatives

Supporting Initiatives 

Achieving the campus’ strategic goals will require investment in the set of campus-level initiatives outlined below. Together, these initiatives speak to core aspects of UC Merced’s capacity and capability to move toward R1 and to sustainably deliver its mission. They are:

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1. Staffing

An alignment of UC Merced’s workforce with the campus’s priorities.



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2. Facilities 

A process to recommend and implement physical growth on campus in line with student and research needs.



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3. Talent Management

A talent management plan to recruit a skilled workforce, support their professional development, and sustainable plan for successions.



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4. Information Technology

A strategy to allocate digital resources, integrate technological systems, and support academic and administrative IT needs.



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5. Campus Workflows

Streamlined processes to achieve efficient, integrated delivery of campus services.




6. Access to Data

Increased access to data and analytics to inform decision making across campus.



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7. Budget Planning and Allocation

A transparent budget model to support campus goals, enable units to plan their futures, and ensure the sustainability of all campus assets and programs.


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8. Equity, Justice, and Inclusive Excellence

A commitment to become an inclusively excellent university that values its diverse students, faculty, staff and community.  


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9. Sustainability

A commitment to advance a campus sustainability plan that showcases how a research university can foster a just and sustainable world.