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campus arial photo uc merced strategic plan 2021-2031

Building Our Future

By 2031, UC Merced aspires to be:

  • A Research 1 university

  • With 15,000 well-supported undergraduate and graduate students,

  • In an empowering and equitable place to work and learn.

This is an exciting time to be at UC Merced. Growing into a Research I university will allow us to better fund our research, offer opportunities to a diverse student body that rival the best research institutions, and increase our impact on the region, California, and the world.

The University of California, Merced’s first long-range comprehensive strategic plan culminates a year of thoughtful engagement by faculty, staff, students, and external partners.

The plan is a blueprint that will drive our success and momentum into the future as we build on this campus’ first 16 years of achievement. It is a vision of our future and an articulation of the measures by which we will judge our progress towards our goals.

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