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Having defined the campus’s goals for the next decade and identified sets of initiatives to support the achievement of these goals, the campus must also develop a clear understanding of how the plan will be implemented to ensure its priorities inform our resource allocation decisions.

A necessary step in this process will be the alignment of each division’s strategic plan with the campus’ strategic plan. Starting in 2021 each division will be asked to revisit (or develop) its long-term plan, developing a multi-year document that outlines the initiatives the unit plans to undertake to advance the campus’s goals as outlined in the strategic plan. Depending upon the division, these initiatives may address the infrastructure that underpins the campus’s goals, or they may directly contribute to advancing a specific goal, objective, and measure. As emphasized throughout this strategic plan, both types of initiatives are important as the campus must continue to develop the operational capacity to support the core of its mission. It is also important to note that initiatives might not require any new resources. Rather, they could simply represent a framing or reframing of existing efforts to make more explicit, for all stakeholders, how the work contributes to the advancement of the campus’s goals.

Division plans will form the basis for resource requests made during future campus budget call processes. As part of this exercise, annually divisions will be invited to revisit and extend their plans. It is anticipated that, on a rolling basis, the first two years of initiatives outlined in the plan will represent a prioritization/sequencing of the unit’s work based on the priorities identified by Chancellor and advised by the EVC/Provost as part of the annual budget call. In this way, the plans will be living documents, revisited and extended annually to be responsive to near-term campus priorities and needs while providing a longer-term vision of the work the division plans to undertake in support of the campus’s goals.

The budget call process must also be sufficiently forward thinking to enable proactive divisional planning in support of our strategic plan while also conservative in its projections to ensure that the campus is fiscally responsible.