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1.3 Increase the contributions of students and staff to research and creative activities.

Measure 1.3.1: Ratio of research/technical support staff with a doctorate to faculty member4*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
0.17 0.19 0.27 0.36


Measure 1.3.2: Doctoral degrees conferred, disaggregated to track parity*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
63 80 80 150


Measure 1.3.3: The percentage of graduating seniors who report conducting research with a faculty member as an undergraduate at UC Merced, disaggregated to track parity (Graduating Senior Survey)*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
33% 36% 38% 40%


Example Strategic Initiatives:

  • Increase the number of grants that fund research/technical staff with doctorates
  • Expand undergraduate research opportunities, including donor support for increased student participation and data infrastructure to track post-baccalaureate outcomes
  • Expand non-traditional, research-related opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students (e.g. applied research, support for CORE facilities)
  • Increase the number of doctoral students advised per faculty member, while decreasing time to degree
  • Simplify the processes by which research staff, graduate student researchers, and teaching assistants are appointed