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2.1 Grow and diversify UC-quality educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and the public.

Measure 2.1.1: Total campus enrollment (undergraduate and graduate)

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
9,018 11,800 14,000 15,000


Measure 2.1.2: Undergraduate student-to-Senate faculty ratios*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
26.7:15 27.7:1 27.7:1 27.7:1


Measure 2.1.3: Undergraduate student access to courses measured as the percentage of courses with an active waiting list broken down by required and elective courses*

Targets: To be determined; wait-list function in development

Measure 2.1.4: Graduate student access to courses measured as the percentage of respondents rating the “availability of courses to complete your graduate program” as “excellent” or “good” (as opposed to “fair” or “poor”) to question 6 on the existing Graduate Student Survey*

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
63% 70% 75% 80%


Example Strategic Initiatives:

  • Develop new schools, majors, tracks, minors, and/or combined programs in high demand areas and signature undergraduate experiences that will attract new students, including domestic non-resident students
  • Grow transfer student enrollment by continuing to develop relationships and pathways externally and internally to UC Merced
  • Develop analytic capacity, including market analytics, to identify new degrees, certificates, and skill sets that are in demand now and predicted to be so in the future
  • Implement a wait-list function for courses
  • Increase the number of summer session offerings and align offerings with programmatic needs
  • Sustain and improve affordability, access, and debt reduction efforts
  • Develop high quality, targeted, online course offerings, including certificates
  • Expand Extension offerings for the public and working professionals
  • Integrate the General Education program into the campus's educational culture
  • Expand donor support for historically underrepresented students (e.g. scholarships and fellowships)
  • Build the campus’s capacity to market and conduct outreach for our educational programs, including with a focus on continuing to attract historically underrepresented students
  • Ensure that faculty hiring aligns with student expectations and disciplinary norms