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3.3 Build our collective capacity to remove structural barriers negatively impacting success through equity-informed administrative and educational decision-making.

Measure 3.3.1: Amount of budget and other resources available for diversity and equity-related efforts

Target: Budget sufficient to support comprehensive programming and services that improve academic and student success measures of equity over time

Example Strategic Initiatives:

  • Advance teaching and scholarship about power, privilege, and justice in contemporary and historical contexts so that the injustices of the past do not continue to shape our lives
  • Improve services and foster relationships that support the success and thriving of all students, faculty, and staff, on and off campus, including engaging our city, county, and region
  • Increase data literacy among all campus personnel with an emphasis on disaggregating, triangulating, and responsibly using data derived from mixed-method approaches
  • Develop meaningful opportunities to engage alumni and community-based organizations to advance our institutional mission
  • Integrate a focus on equity and justice into all aspects of the campus’s talent management activities