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3.4 Deepen our collective appreciation for diversity by developing a more robust international perspective.

Measure 3.4.1: Percentage of seniors who have studied abroad

Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
5.2% 7.0% 8.4% 9.8%


Measure 3.4.2: Percentage of international students on campus, undergraduate and graduate.

  Current Value AY 2024-25 AY 2027-28 AY 2030-31
Undergraduate 0.2% 2.5% 4.3% 6%
Graduate 36% 36% 36% 36%


Measure to be developed:

  • Cultural enrichment

Example Strategic Initiatives:

  • Facilitate international research, educational, and cultural partnerships
  • Increase undergraduate participation in international experiences.
  • Increase the profile of study abroad at UC Merced
  • Improve curricular integration of courses taken abroad to increase the number that fulfill degree requirements
  • Implement mechanisms to increase affordability of education abroad (e.g. scholarships, financial aid packaging, new program models)
  • Develop an international student recruitment plan involving key campus stakeholders (e.g. Admissions, International Affairs)
  • Develop mechanisms to address the material, academic, and socio-cultural needs of international students and better facilitate their inclusion into the campus community